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Meet Yasmin

My passion lies with capturing people. I am fascinated by human connection, expressions, love and capturing those authentic moments that we would otherwise have forgotten.

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Yasmin maternity - White Salt Photograph
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Hey! I am so glad you're here!

I'm a proud stay at home Mum to three  beautiful children, Winter (6), Atlas (5) and Meadow (1). I am the wife to an incredibly supportive husband, Michael. We have spent the 13 years together, building my business up from the ground. Starting from when I was a photography graduate at Deakin university (2014), to now. I grew up by the beach on the Mornington Peninsula, but have always felt a pull towards the hills, low set clouds, forests and lush greenery have my  heart. After meeting my now husband  13 years ago, we both knew that the Dandenong Ranges was where our hearts were. We are truly spoilt for choice with incredible locations to photograph, all within arms reach of my Montrose studio. Whilst my business and family grew over the years, we flipped houses along the way too, building and renovating to sell, working towards our dream home. My studio has evolved over several homes and I have slowly learnt what I need in my creative space to succeed. My current commercial studio space is beautifully lit with natural light, even on the dreariest of days, it has a cafe on site and a playground 50 metres away. It truly does tick all of the boxes.  I have lovingly decorated it with dried florals and neutral tones which I live for. I absolutely adore bringing new faces into my natural light studio and seeing where the session takes us. I often have to pinch myself that I am a wedding photographer and a family, maternity, product and newborn photographer! want my clients to feel comfortable and never rushed when it comes to sessions in studio and I really feel that I have created such a safe and comfortable space to do so.


Bachelor of Film & Digital Media  (2014)
Majoring in Photography

The Studio

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Let's work together!

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